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New in 2024: "HANG WITH US"

It's a shocking statistic. According to government estimates, more than 300 million pounds of dry cleaning plastic bags wind up in America's landfills each year. That's enough to shrinkwrap the entire state of Delaware annually!

Our trademarked "Hang With Us" recycling program interrupts the life-cycle of discarded drycleaning plastic bags to create beautiful outdoor decking and furniture sold by major retailers like Lowes and Home Depot. This ideal repurposing provides a sustainable solution to reduce plastic waste in local landfills while helping drycleaners to operate at maximum green efficiency.

Participating drycleaners are provided essential collection receptacles, customer education rescources, program training, and essential collection receptacles through our "Hang With Us" distributors--all free of charge!

To become a "Hang With Us" distributor, contact us today.



It's a shocking statistic. According to government estimates, more than 300 million pounds of dry cleaning plastic bags wind up in America's landfills each year or more than 1,000,000 Pounds each business day. That's enough to shrink wrap all of Washington, DC annually kicking the can down the road is not a sustainable solution to this problem. It takes a plan of action and dedicated team of professional to do the heavy liftting to make an impact unfortunately a universal recycling program within the dry cleaning industry does no exist until now hang with us.

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The Hang With Us recycling program has three simple steps : 


Participating dry cleaners receive a free hang with us recycling bin plus an attractive point of entry display absolutely free this display includes a friendly reminder from our program sponsor to return plastic dry cleaning bags for responsible.


The Returned plastic dry Cleaning bags are weighed quarterly and transported to any of our 32,000 recycling Partners Nationwide.


Trex Company recycles and repurposes the dry cleaning bags to create beautiful Outdoor dacking and furniture sold by prominent retailers Nationwide a sustainable destiny to free landfills of millions of pounds of plastic waste each year in addition to supporting  a critical environmental initiative .


"HANG WITH US" is recycling action plan

It's developed to tackle this problem head on through a joint initiative among leading us retailers and environmental Sponsors . 

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Our Recycling Sponsors Boards

Hang With Us recycling sponsors get solid marketing value for their investments hang with us sponsers are featured prominently on our point of entry displays this ideally past user sponsor as community leaders who are commited to a greener future by keeping our landfills of plastic waste let's stop kicking the can down the road become a hang with us sponser today and and let's partner for a greener tomorrow. 

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Outdoor dacking and furniture

Dry cleaning plastic bags will be responsibly reclaimed and repurposed instead of piling up an America's landfills dry cleaning plastic will be recycled to create beautifully and environmentally friendly Outdoor dacking and furniture. 

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