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A Simple and Effective Marketing Strategy 

A Service 30 Years in the Making

Millions of garment covers are used by dry cleaning businesses nationwide each day, reaching millions of premium target-market consumers. Our Ready Wraps garment covers provide an ideal platform for businesses large or small to connect with this high-profile audience. Think of us as your in-home billboard. 


And since Ready Wraps are offered to select dry cleaners free of charge, it's a "Win-Win" combination for participating cleaners and ad sponsors as well.

Free Ready Wraps was initiated in late 2018 by Bill Jarvis, founder and owner of Fabricare Enterprises, Inc. Jarvis spent 27 years in the dry cleaning industry as a multi-plant owner/operator in addition to providing sales & service consultation. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Tennessee Tech University in addition to an M.A. in Secondary Education.

Jarvis leveraged his industry contacts and knowledge to create an ideal marketing platform capable of providing target-marketing on a nationwide scale.

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Bill Jarvis founder Free Ready Wraps

Innovation.     Application.      Dedication.     

"These founding principles are the template for our brand."

--Bill Jarvis


The Free Ready Wraps model

Ready Wraps is a unique alternative in target marketing, disrupting the traditional print- media prospecting model in order to provide a diversified and rewarding advertising strategy for businesses large and small.


How-it-works Free Ready Wraps

Just as every business is unique, every Ready Wraps garment cover is a one-of-a-kind creation designed to surpass specific client objectives and expectations. We do not take a "cookie-cutter" approach to target marketing.


Dedication to service

We approach each project with a determination to posture our clients' brands in a way that provokes interest by causing pause. Dry cleaners tell us that their customers often say, "A garment cover ad...that's really NEAT. I like that." 

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