Cost: *$495   That's less than          per ad! 

*$495 is a common suggested retail price. Actual rates may be higher or less in some areas.

Consider this: A black & white display ad only 2 column inches in size in the Nashville Tennessean newspaper would cost you $670 and run ONLY ONE TIME ON ONE DAY (, 2018 source). Your ad with us hits a premium target every day, all year long!

Why Advertise on a Dry Cleaner's Garment Cover?

It's simple: No other print media has our target audience!

Get your ad in front of this ideal target market up to 50,000 times each year. That's less than 1 penny per ad!

Dry cleaning customers represent a core market of white-collar professionals who offer a PREMIUM target that is ready to consume your goods and services. Consider the following dry cleaning customer demographics:

  • Dry Cleaning customers are generally age 21-49: active professionals consuming products & services abundantly.

  • Dry Cleaning customers tend to be white-collar professionals often earning annual incomes in excess of $90K or more.


  • Dry Cleaning customers collectively manage billions of dollars in discretionary spending annually.

  • Dry Cleaning customers are affluent achievers who are generally willing to pay a premium for quality goods & services.

  • Dry cleaning consumers will see your ad up to 50,000 times annually, ensuring that your ad makes a quality impression on a core constituency over and over again, all year long!

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