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Dry Cleaning Customer Profile

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Consumer Survey Data


•  On average, dry cleaning consumers have 70% greater household incomes than consumers in their communities who do not use dry cleaning services.

•  The majority of dry cleaning consumers are college-educated professionals aged 22-49 who make purchase decisions independently.

•  72% of dry cleaning consumers are married, which means ads have double the exposure in this demographic.

•  Dry cleaning consumers collectively manage billions of dollars in discretionary spending annually.

•  They are affluent achievers willing to pay a premium for quality goods and services.

•  They consider dry cleaning services to be a must, and they patronize their preferred dry cleaner bi-weekly or more.

*Source: Industry Focus, a publication of the International Fabricare Institute, authors Jane Rising and Mary Scalco. IF 697 July 2004, Volume 3. Findings based on a six-month, three-phase consumer survey based on focus group discussions with frequent users of dry cleaning services (Phase I) in addition to 1,455 Internet and telephone surveys (Phases II and III).


Free Ready Wraps customer
Free Ready Wraps customer with dry cleaning
Dry cleaning attendant with Free Ready Wraps garment cover
Image by Ash Edmonds

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