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Start your new business in 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does it Cost? Business Opportunities and Franchises are Expensive!

While most credible business opportunities and franchises start at $15K or more, our distributors pay a distributor package fee of only $595 which is COMPLETELY REFUNDED by bank cashier’s check after completion of your second garment cover campaign, or a ZERO investment for completing just two garment cover campaigns. So, why do we charge a distributor package fee in the first place? It takes hours of individual training and correspondence to prepare you for this opportunity, not to mention necessary marketing materials to get you started. Think of it as “skin in the game” to insure that our investment of time and material to establish your distributorship is not wasted. Ultimately, our success relies on our distributors' success. And we support our distributors with superior service.

What is My Role as a Free Ready Wraps Distributor?

Our distributors are independent business owners licensed to distribute Free Ready Wraps garment covers. Distributors sell customized color ads to local businesses that are featured on the paper garment covers used by dry cleaners in their packaging process. What are paper garment covers? They are those triangle-shaped paper caps that dry cleaners use to protect the collar and shoulder area of garments before covering them in clear plastic dry cleaner bags.

Paper garment covers are a sanitary packaging product that responsible dry cleaners use, and we actually give them a customized supply of our colorized garment covers ABSOLUTELY FREE, saving them thousands in packaging costs annually. In return, they allow our ad clients to be featured on the garment covers that their customers will see—and even handle—each morning when they dress for the day. Dry cleaning consumers are an affluent target-market audience, and our service puts clients’ ads in their homes—and their hands—every day. Think of us as an in-home billboard!

The list of potential advertisers is endless: Restaurants, real estate agencies, banks, insurance companies, auto sales, home improvement, lawn care, pest control, roofing companies, beauty salons, gift shops, medical clinics, tree trimming, dental practices, locksmiths...any local business is a potential advertiser!

What About Training and Support?

We provide live, remote sales training to all of our distributors, and we handle all the layout, design, printing, and shipping of all garment covers so that our distributors can focus exclusively on sales. Necessary marketing material, advertiser contracts, and dry cleaner contracts are available. We provide live phone support daily as well.

Is My Territory Limited?

No! Your distributor status has no boundaries within the continental US (we do not operate in Alaska or Hawaii). Unlike franchises, you are not limited in where you may operate, and we do not charge royalties or monthly fees.

Do I Need Sales Experience to Succeed as a Distributor?

While sales experience is always a plus, it is not required. Our sales training process properly prepares distributors, and success is determined by distributor determination. We are providing a unique and highly cost-effective advertising platform for local businesses, yet advertising sales requires committment and resilience. Like any other business opportunity, a high degree of effort is required for continual success. With that said, there are traits that can't be trained which will contribute to your success as a Free Ready Wraps distributor:

What About Ad Creation and Garment Cover Design?

We handle all design work for ad creation and garment cover design. Each garment cover is a one-of-a-kind creation, and our superior design team produces excellent quality so that our distributors can concentrate on sales in order to grow their businesses. We even handle all the shipping and delivery concerns.

How Much Can I Make as a Free Ready Wraps Distributor?

We do not offer a "get rich quick" scam like many business opportunities. Like any business opportunity, it takes time to generate sales while creating a consistent cash flow. With that said, you should earn a minimum of $3,000 or more per garment cover campaign (certain territories may command significantly higher ad rates). Since you set the advertising rates, you are in control of your income potential.


A typical garment cover campaign takes 10-15 days to complete. Residual income is achieved every six months when ads are renewed, generating a highly productive sales funnel over time. You can easily add commission-based sales agents to grow your business more rapidly. And like all sales opportunities, the longer and harder you work, the more you earn.

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