How it Works

We provide Free Ready Wrap garment covers to you through providing advertising sponsorships in the footer of the garment cover. Your logo is featured prominently and dominates the appearance of the garment cover, as it should. Two rows of business-card sized ads will appear in the footer below your logo (about 10-12 ads total).

Our agent will sell the ad space to local businesses, but you can help to speed the process along. We place an advertising box on your counter where customers can drop a business card to win $25 in free dry cleaning (yes, we provide the ad box and $25 prize). After a week or so, you draw a winner and we pick up all the business cards...our premium sales leads! We offer these customers $25 off our ad rate to be featured on your garment cover, so everybody who drops a card in the drawing is offered a discounted benefit!

Let's Get Started

Please fill out our survey questionnaire by clicking the link below. Try to answer all questions as accurately as possible. Bill will be in contact after reviewing your survey responses.

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