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New in 2024: "HANG WITH US"

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It's a shocking statistic. According to government estimates, more than 300 million pounds of dry cleaning plastic bags wind up in America's landfills each year. That's enough to shrinkwrap the entire state of Delaware annually!


Our trademarked "Hang With Us" recycling program interrupts the life-cycle of discarded drycleaning plastic bags to create beautiful outdoor decking and furniture sold by major retailers like Lowes and Home Depot. This ideal repurposing provides a sustainable solution to reduce plastic waste in local landfills while helping drycleaners to operate at maximum green efficiency.


Participating drycleaners are provided essential collection receptacles, customer education rescources, program training, and essential collection receptacles through our "Hang With Us" distributors--all free of charge!

To become a "Hang With Us" distributor, contact us today.

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