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Print : The Most Trusted Marketing Medium

A Traditional Strategy that Delivers Results

"More than 3 out of 4 small businesses use both print marketing and online efforts combined. This strategy usually offers the best return on investment and gets the best response rates."

“Print Marketing is Still Alive”  by Gail Gardner, founder of, recognized by Media Intelligence as a Top 100 site for marketers.

Research Data Confirms:  

Consumers Prefer Print Media


It's the Most Trusted Medium

Consumers Consistently rate print advertising as the most trustworthy ad medium. In fact, 82% of consumers report that they rate their confidence level as high-very high. 

It Enhances Other Marketing Efforts

It's actually been proven that print ads boost the effectiveness of other forms of advertising. Print ads make digital marketing efforts four times more effective as they would be without adding print as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Print Ads Capture Millennials Attention

In today's crowded digital field, print has emerged as a trustworthy medium that's able to grab and hold the attention of Millennials. In a survey conducted by Customer Focus and Quad Graphics, 77% of Millennials reported that they pay more attention to print ads than digital ads. Millennials spend around $600 billion in the US each year.

Your Brain Reacts Well to Print

Researchers from Temple University undertook a study to assess how people reacted differently to print vs. digital ads. The study confirmed that consumers spend more time looking at print ads, recalled more information about the ads, and had a stronger emotional reaction to the print ads. 

Cost-Effective and Highly Tangible

When used as a stand-alone strategy, targeted print marketing continues to be the most cost-effective medium for producing higher response rates. And unlike emails that can be deleted with a single keystroke or digital ads that can be forwarded to bulk files, print ads have a real-world presence and require tangible attention.

*Source: Stats That Show Effectiveness of Print Advertising, author Stephanie Heitman, Senior Marketing Manager

at USA Today and managing editor of LOCALiQ Blog. December 10, 2019. 






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