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Never Pay for Garment Covers Again.

Why Are You Paying for Garment Covers? You can receive up to 25,000 premium, 20-inch fold-over garment covers absolutely free. That's right. They really are FREE to select dry cleaning businesses nationwide.

And our new "Hang With Us" program features your dry cleaner as a community leader in providing a sustainable solution to reduce plastic waste in local landfills.


How Can We Provide Free Garment Covers?

Bill Jarvis and Free Ready Wraps dry cleaner

We leverage your existing customer base as a consumer target market in order to provide premium, long-term advertising to local, regional, and even national businesses through custom-designed display ads. Each garment cover is a unique and colorful design featuring your dry cleaner along with program sponsors.

Your customers will love the discount offers on quality goods and services many advertisers provide, and you will love the annual savings by never buying costly garment covers again.

Image by Ash Edmonds
Free Ready Wraps dry cleaner holding sample garment cover



If you think garment covers are not required for providing quality service, think again. Sanitary packaging is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In a post-COVID industry, dry cleaning customers will both expect and appreciate a heightened dedication to providing the most sanitary product available, and packaging is the most identifiable measure of your plant's commitment to providing the best service possible.

Show your customers--and the competition--that you are committed to provding sanitary packaging with every order, no matter how small. 

Image by Daryan Shamkhali



No ripping, tearing, or operator frustration to delay order packaging.

The Free Ready Wraps 20" fold-over design is superior to any other garment cover 

on the market today.  Why pay for inferior glue-top covers which resist expansion and are printed on cheap, "onion-skin" paper? Our garment covers consist of heavy bonded paper and are designed to expand effortlessly, and rest naturally, on up to four or more garments.

And our design team can match your logo, or even create a custom logo and related artwork for your dry cleaner free of charge.

dry cleaner holding Free Ready Wraps garment cover
Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

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