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A Fragmented Nationwide Target-Market Audience 

Posturing your brand before a fragmented audience of target-market consumers is both time-consuming and expensive...not to mention risky.

Market segmentation research has determined that consumers with the high profile value are rarely concentrated into a selective audience large enough to justify long-term regional or local target marketing investments


*Source: Wedel, Michel & Kamakura (2014). The Historical Development of the Market Segmentation Concept, 10.1007/978-1-4615-1_1, pages 3-6

What if these high-value consumers were concentrated into a national audience that could be targeted with laser precision?

Target Market Map Free Ready Wraps
target four.png
target five.png
target six.png
target seven.png
target eight.png
target nine.png
target ten.png
target eleven.png
target twelve.png

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Affordable and sustained target-marketing that delivers results.

Target Market Map Free Ready Wraps
Image by Ash Edmonds

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